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VAG 3A0 615 123 A
Part Number(s):3A0 615 123 A
ProductName:Brake Caliper
Cross Interchange Parts
Factory Number
ATE 11.3541-8523.2
BOSCH 0 986 471 923
BOSCH 0 986 473 923
TEXTAR 38018900
TEXTAR 38065900
A.B.S. 420491
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Interchange Parts for VAG 3A0 615 123 A
Brand Sku Type Name Relevance  
ATE 11.3541-8523.2 Brake Caliper ATE 11.3541-8523.2 Brake Caliper Direct Details»
BOSCH 0 986 471 923 Brake Caliper BOSCH 0 986 471 923 Brake Caliper Indirect Details»
BOSCH 0 986 473 923 Brake Caliper BOSCH 0 986 473 923 Brake Caliper Indirect Details»
TEXTAR 38018900 Brake Caliper TEXTAR 38018900 Brake Caliper Indirect Details»
TEXTAR 38065900 Brake Caliper TEXTAR 38065900 Brake Caliper Indirect Details»
A.B.S. 420491 Brake Caliper A.B.S. 420491 Brake Caliper Indirect Details»
LPR PF10499 Brake Caliper LPR PF10499 Brake Caliper Indirect Details»
BENDIX 692733 B Brake Caliper BENDIX 692733 B Brake Caliper Indirect Details»
FTE RS 541317 A0 Brake Caliper FTE RS 541317 A0 Brake Caliper Indirect Details»
FTE RX 541317 A0 Brake Caliper FTE RX 541317 A0 Brake Caliper Indirect Details»
QUINTON HAZELL QBS 4355 Brake Caliper QUINTON HAZELL QBS 4355 Brake Caliper Indirect Details»
QUINTON HAZELL RXF3073 Brake Caliper QUINTON HAZELL RXF3073 Brake Caliper Indirect Details»
SEAT 3A0 615 123 Brake Caliper SEAT 3A0 615 123 Brake Caliper Indirect Details»
SEAT 3A0 615 123 A Brake Caliper SEAT 3A0 615 123 A Brake Caliper Indirect Details»
SKODA 3A0 615 123 Brake Caliper SKODA 3A0 615 123 Brake Caliper Indirect Details»
SKODA 3A0 615 123 A Brake Caliper SKODA 3A0 615 123 A Brake Caliper Indirect Details»
VAG 3A0 615 123 Brake Caliper VAG 3A0 615 123 Brake Caliper Indirect Details»
TRW BHW275 Brake Caliper TRW BHW275 Brake Caliper Indirect Details»
TRW BHW275E Brake Caliper TRW BHW275E Brake Caliper Indirect Details»
DELPHI LC 4619 Brake Caliper DELPHI LC 4619 Brake Caliper Indirect Details»
SPIDAN 402246 Brake Caliper SPIDAN 402246 Brake Caliper Indirect Details»
CARDONE 387925 Brake Caliper CARDONE 387925 Brake Caliper Indirect Details»
Brake ENGINEERING CA1428 Brake Caliper Brake ENGINEERING CA1428 Brake Caliper Indirect Details»
UBD 52648 Brake Caliper UBD 52648 Brake Caliper Indirect Details»
KAWE 342246 Brake Caliper KAWE 342246 Brake Caliper Indirect Details»
sbs 1301214745 Brake Caliper sbs 1301214745 Brake Caliper Indirect Details»
DA SILVA ET6423 Brake Caliper DA SILVA ET6423 Brake Caliper Indirect Details»
TRISCAN 8170 342246 Brake Caliper TRISCAN 8170 342246 Brake Caliper Indirect Details»
LAUBER 77.2280 Brake Caliper LAUBER 77.2280 Brake Caliper Indirect Details»
BUDWEG CALIPER 342246 Brake Caliper BUDWEG CALIPER 342246 Brake Caliper Indirect Details»
DELCO REMY DC82246 Brake Caliper DELCO REMY DC82246 Brake Caliper Indirect Details»
NK 214745 Brake Caliper NK 214745 Brake Caliper Indirect Details»
JAPCAR 266890 Brake Caliper JAPCAR 266890 Brake Caliper Indirect Details»
Application of VAG 3A0 615 123 A
Make Modle Engine CC KW cylinder Type Year
VWPASSAT2.8 VR627921286Saloon1991-1996
VWGOLF Mk III2.01984854Hatchback1991-1997
VWGOLF Mk III2.0 GTI 16V19841104Hatchback1992-1997
VWGOLF Mk III2.8 VR627921286Hatchback1992-1997
VWJETTA III2.01984854Saloon1991-1998
VWJETTA III2.8 VR627921286Saloon1992-1998
VWPASSAT Variant2.8 VR627921286Estate1991-1997
VWGOLF Mk III2.9 VR6 Syncro (1HX1)28611406Hatchback1994-1997
VWPASSAT Variant2.9 VR6 Syncro28611356Estate1994-1997
VWPASSAT2.0 16V19841104Saloon1994-1996
VWPASSAT Variant2.0 16V19841104Estate1994-1997
AUDIA31.8 T17811104Hatchback1996-2014
VWGOLF Mk III2.9 VR6 Syncro28611406Estate1994-1999
SKODAOCTAVIA1.9 TDI1896664Hatchback1996-2014
SKODAOCTAVIA1.9 SDI1896504Hatchback1997-2014
VWGOLF Mk IV1.8 T17811104Hatchback1997-2005
VWGOLF Mk IV2.3 V523241105Hatchback1997-2000
VWNEW BEETLE2.01984854Hatchback1998-2014
VWNEW BEETLE1.9 TDI1896664Hatchback1998-2004
SKODAOCTAVIA1.9 TDI1896814Hatchback1997-2014
SKODAOCTAVIA Combi1.61595744Estate1998-2014
SKODAOCTAVIA Combi1.8 20V1781924Estate1998-2014
SKODAOCTAVIA Combi1.9 SDI1896504Estate1998-2014
SKODAOCTAVIA Combi1.9 TDI1896664Estate1998-2014
SKODAOCTAVIA Combi1.9 TDI1896814Estate1998-2014
VWJETTA IV1.61595744Saloon1998-2005
VWJETTA IV2.01984854Saloon1998-2005
VWJETTA IV2.3 V523241105Saloon1998-2000
VWJETTA IV1.9 TDI1896664Saloon1998-2001
VWJETTA IV1.9 TDI1896814Saloon1998-2001
SEATTOLEDO Mk II1.61595744Saloon1999-2000
SEATTOLEDO Mk II1.8 20V1781924Saloon1999-2006
SEATTOLEDO Mk II2.3 V523241105Saloon1999-2001
SEATTOLEDO Mk II1.9 TDI1896664Saloon1999-2006
SEATTOLEDO Mk II1.9 TDI1896814Saloon1999-2006
VWJETTA IV1.81781924Saloon1998-2005
VWJETTA IV1.4 16V1390554Saloon2000-2005
VWJETTA IV1.9 SDI1896504Saloon1998-2005
SKODAOCTAVIA Combi1.8 T17811104Estate1998-2014
AUDIA31.8 T quattro17811324Hatchback1998-2014
VWGOLF Mk IV2.8 V6 4motion27921506Hatchback1999-2005
AUDIA31.8 T quattro17811104Hatchback1996-2014
AUDIA31.8 T17811324Hatchback1998-2014
SKODAOCTAVIA1.8 T17811104Hatchback1997-2014
SKODAOCTAVIA Combi1.61598554Estate1998-2014
VWJETTA IV2.01984854Estate1999-2005
VWJETTA IV2.3 V523241105Estate1999-2000
VWJETTA IV1.9 TDI1896854Estate1999-2001
VWNEW BEETLE1.61595744Hatchback1999-2000
VWJETTA IV1.61595744Estate1999-2005
VWJETTA IV1.9 TDI1896814Estate1999-2001
SKODAOCTAVIA Combi1.9 TDI 4x41896664Estate1999-2000
VWJETTA IV2.8 V6 4motion27921506Saloon1999-2005
SKODAOCTAVIA Combi2.01984854Estate1999-2014
VWGOLF Mk IV2.3 V5 4motion23241105Hatchback1998-2000
VWJETTA IV1.8 4motion1781924Saloon1999-2005
VWJETTA IV2.3 V5 4motion23241105Saloon1998-2000
VWJETTA IV1.9 TDI 4motion1896664Saloon1999-2001
VWJETTA IV1.9 TDI1896854Saloon1998-2001
VWJETTA IV2.3 V5 4motion23241105Estate1999-2000
VWJETTA IV1.9 TDI 4motion1896854Estate1999-2001
SEATLEON1.8 20V1781924Hatchback1999-2006
SEATLEON1.9 TDI1896664Hatchback1999-2006
SEATLEON1.9 TDI1896814Hatchback1999-2006
VWNEW BEETLE1.8 T17811104Hatchback1999-2014
SEATLEON1.4 16V1390554Hatchback1999-2006
SEATLEON1.8 20V T17811324Hatchback1999-2006
SEATLEON1.9 SDI1896504Hatchback1999-2006
SEATLEON1.8 20V T 417811324Hatchback1999-2006
VWJETTA IV1.9 TDI 4motion1896854Saloon1999-2001
VWJETTA IV1.8 4motion1781924Estate1999-2005
VWJETTA IV2.8 V6 4motion27921506Estate1999-2005
VWGOLF Mk IV2.3 V523241105Estate1999-2006
VWGOLF Mk IV2.3 V5 4motion23241105Estate1999-2006
SEATTOLEDO Mk II1.4 16V1390554Saloon1999-2006
VWJETTA IV1.6 16V1598774Saloon2000-2005
VWJETTA IV1.6 16V1598774Estate2000-2005
AUDIA31.9 TDI1896964Hatchback2000-2014
VWNEW BEETLE1.61595754Hatchback2000-2014
SKODAOCTAVIA1.4 16V1390554Hatchback2000-2014
SKODAOCTAVIA Combi1.9 TDI 4x41896744Estate2000-2014
VWGOLF Mk IV1.9 TDI18961104Hatchback2000-2005
VWGOLF Mk IV1.9 TDI 4motion18961104Hatchback2000-2005
VWJETTA IV1.9 TDI1896744Saloon2000-2005
VWJETTA IV1.9 TDI 4motion1896744Saloon2000-2005
VWJETTA IV1.9 TDI18961104Saloon2000-2005
VWJETTA IV1.9 TDI 4motion18961104Saloon2000-2005
VWJETTA IV1.9 TDI1896744Estate2000-2005
VWJETTA IV1.9 TDI 4motion1896744Estate2000-2005
VWGOLF Mk IV2.3 V523241255Hatchback2000-2005
VWGOLF Mk IV2.3 V5 4motion23241255Hatchback2000-2005
VWJETTA IV1.61595754Saloon2000-2005
VWJETTA IV1.61595754Estate2000-2005
VWJETTA IV2.3 V523241255Saloon2000-2005
VWJETTA IV2.3 V5 4motion23241255Saloon2000-2005
VWJETTA IV2.3 V523241255Estate2000-2005
VWJETTA IV2.3 V5 4motion23241255Estate2000-2005
VWJETTA IV1.8 T17811104Saloon2000-2005
VWJETTA IV1.8 T17811104Estate2000-2005
SEATLEON1.6 16 V1598774Hatchback2000-2006
VWJETTA IV2.0 4motion1984854Saloon2000-2005
VWJETTA IV2.0 4motion1984854Estate2000-2005
SEATLEON1.9 TDI18961104Hatchback2001-2006
SEATTOLEDO Mk II1.6 16V1598774Saloon2000-2006
AUDIA31.9 TDI quattro1896964Hatchback2000-2014
SKODAOCTAVIA Combi2.0 4x41984884Estate2000-2014
VWNEW BEETLE1.9 TDI1896744Hatchback2001-2014
SKODAOCTAVIA Combi1.4 16V1390554Estate2000-2014
SKODAOCTAVIA Combi1.61595754Estate2000-2014
VWGOLF Mk IV1.9 TDI1896964Hatchback2000-2005
VWGOLF Mk IV1.9 TDI 4motion1896964Hatchback2000-2005
VWGOLF Mk IV1.9 TDI1896964Estate2000-2006
VWGOLF Mk IV1.9 TDI 4motion1896964Estate2000-2006
VWJETTA IV1.9 TDI1896964Saloon2000-2005
VWJETTA IV1.9 TDI 4motion1896964Saloon2000-2005
VWJETTA IV1.9 TDI1896964Estate2000-2005
VWJETTA IV1.9 TDI 4motion1896964Estate2000-2005
SEATTOLEDO Mk II2.3 V5 20V23241255Saloon2001-2006
SKODAOCTAVIA1.8 T 4x417811104Hatchback2001-2014
SKODAOCTAVIA Combi1.8 T 4x417811104Estate2001-2014
SKODAOCTAVIA Combi2.0 4x41984854Estate2001-2014
SEATTOLEDO Mk II1.9 TDI18961104Saloon2000-2006
VWGOLF Mk IV1.8 T GTI17811324Hatchback2001-2005
VWNEW BEETLE1.41390554Hatchback2001-2014
VWJETTA IV1.9 TDI18961104Estate2001-2005
VWJETTA IV1.9 TDI 4motion18961104Estate2001-2005
VWJETTA IV1.6 FSI1598814Saloon2002-2005
VWJETTA IV1.6 FSI1598814Estate2002-2005
VWJETTA IV1.8 T17811324Saloon2002-2005
VWJETTA IV1.8 T17811324Estate2002-2005
VWNEW BEETLE1.61595754Convertible2003-2014
VWNEW BEETLE2.01984854Convertible2002-2014
VWNEW BEETLE1.9 TDI1896744Convertible2003-2014
VWNEW BEETLE1.41390554Convertible2003-2014
VWGOLF Mk IV1.8 T17811104Estate2000-2006
SEATLEON1.9 TDI Syncro18961104Hatchback2002-2006
SKODAOCTAVIA1.9 TDI1896964Hatchback2003-2014
SKODAOCTAVIA Combi1.9 TDI1896964Estate2003-2014
VWGOLF Mk IV2.3 V523241255Estate2000-2006
VWGOLF Mk IV2.3 V5 4motion23241255Estate2000-2006
SEATTOLEDO Mk II1.9 TDI1896964Saloon2003-2006
SEATLEON1.9 TDI1896964Hatchback2003-2006
VWJETTA IV1.4 16V1390554Estate2001-2005
SEATTOLEDO Mk II1.8 20VT17811324Saloon2001-2006
VWNEW BEETLE1.8 T17811104Convertible2003-2014
SEATTOLEDO Mk II1.9 SDI1896504Saloon1999-2004
VWNEW BEETLE1.9 TDI1896774Hatchback2005-2014
VWNEW BEETLE1.9 TDI1896774Convertible2005-2014
VWJETTA IV1.61595784Saloon2002-2004
VWNEW BEETLE1.8 T17811324Hatchback2001-2005
SKODAOCTAVIA Combi1.9 TDI1896744Estate2000-2014
SKODAOCTAVIA1.9 TDI1896744Hatchback2005-2014
SEATTOLEDO Mk II2.827921506Saloon2000-2001
SEATTOLEDO Mk II2.8 4x427921506Saloon2002-2004
SEATLEON2.3 VR523241255Hatchback2000-2003
SEATLEON1.8 Turbo 4x417811544Hatchback2002-2003
SEATTOLEDO Mk II1.8 All-wheel Drive17811324Saloon2001-2004
SEATTOLEDO Mk II1.8 All-wheel Drive17811544Saloon2002-2003
SEATTOLEDO Mk II1.8 All-wheel Drive17811654Saloon2003-2005
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