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Part Number(s):83286
ProductName:Shock Absorber
Cross Interchange Parts
Factory Number
SACHS 170 973
BOGE 30-A05-0
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Interchange Parts for GABRIEL 83286
Brand Sku Type Name Relevance  
SACHS 170 973 Shock Absorber SACHS 170 973 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
BOGE 30-A05-0 Shock Absorber BOGE 30-A05-0 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
MONROE R1000 Shock Absorber MONROE R1000 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
MONROE D4441 Shock Absorber MONROE D4441 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
MONROE V-1001 Shock Absorber MONROE V-1001 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
MONROE D-8004 Shock Absorber MONROE D-8004 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
QUINTON HAZELL 127524 Shock Absorber QUINTON HAZELL 127524 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
MAYSAN MANDO N7237608 Shock Absorber MAYSAN MANDO N7237608 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
MAYSAN MANDO N7237702 Shock Absorber MAYSAN MANDO N7237702 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
MAYSAN MANDO PN7210602 Shock Absorber MAYSAN MANDO PN7210602 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
RANCHO RS5113 Front Shock Absorber RANCHO RS5113 Front Shock Absorber Direct Details»
RANCHO RS5118 Front Shock Absorber RANCHO RS5118 Front Shock Absorber Direct Details»
RANCHO RS999113 Front Shock Absorber RANCHO RS999113 Front Shock Absorber Direct Details»
RANCHO RS999341 Shock Absorber RANCHO RS999341 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
MAYSAN MANDO N6261001 Shock Absorber MAYSAN MANDO N6261001 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
MAYSAN MANDO N6261002 Shock Absorber MAYSAN MANDO N6261002 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
MAYSAN MANDO N6336646 Shock Absorber MAYSAN MANDO N6336646 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
MONROE V1012 Shock Absorber MONROE V1012 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
FIRST LINE FSA5542 Suspension Strut FIRST LINE FSA5542 Suspension Strut Direct Details»
SACHS 110 245 Shock Absorber SACHS 110 245 Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
MITSUBISHI MB 110 517 Shock Absorber MITSUBISHI MB 110 517 Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
SACHS 290 146 Shock Absorber SACHS 290 146 Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
BOGE 27-099-8 Shock Absorber BOGE 27-099-8 Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
BOGE 24-059-0 Shock Absorber BOGE 24-059-0 Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
BOGE 24-060-0 Shock Absorber BOGE 24-060-0 Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
OPTIMAL A-2731 G Shock Absorber OPTIMAL A-2731 G Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
OPTIMAL A-2732G Shock Absorber OPTIMAL A-2732G Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
SACHS 101 301 Shock Absorber SACHS 101 301 Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
BILSTEIN BNE-C816 Shock Absorber BILSTEIN BNE-C816 Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
SACHS 200 042 Shock Absorber SACHS 200 042 Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
SACHS 200 043 Shock Absorber SACHS 200 043 Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
SACHS 110 805 Shock Absorber SACHS 110 805 Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
BOGE 27-C10-0 Shock Absorber BOGE 27-C10-0 Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
BOGE 36-A52-0 Shock Absorber BOGE 36-A52-0 Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
BOGE 46-A25-0 Shock Absorber BOGE 46-A25-0 Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
BOGE 46-A29-0 Shock Absorber BOGE 46-A29-0 Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
GABRIEL 42147 Shock Absorber GABRIEL 42147 Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
AL-KO 1446 Shock Absorber AL-KO 1446 Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
AL-KO 2.732G Shock Absorber AL-KO 2.732G Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
KYB 444026 Shock Absorber KYB 444026 Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
DODGE MB110517 Shock Absorber DODGE MB110517 Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
OPTIMAL A-1084H Shock Absorber OPTIMAL A-1084H Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
BOGE 26-557-0 Shock Absorber BOGE 26-557-0 Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
GABRIEL 69619 Shock Absorber GABRIEL 69619 Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
NISSAN 56210-01N25 Shock Absorber NISSAN 56210-01N25 Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
NISSAN 56210-01N26 Shock Absorber NISSAN 56210-01N26 Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
TRW JHT102T Shock Absorber TRW JHT102T Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
KYB 443100 Shock Absorber KYB 443100 Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
BOGE 32-H33-0 Shock Absorber BOGE 32-H33-0 Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
SACHS 110 013 Shock Absorber SACHS 110 013 Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
Application of GABRIEL 83286
Make Modle Engine CC KW cylinder Type Year
MITSUBISHIDELICA1.8 4x4 (L035G)1795604Bus1984-1987
MITSUBISHIDELICA2.0 4x4 (L037G)1997654Bus1986-1987
NISSANCARAVAN2.4 i2389744Bus1989-1993
NISSANCARAVAN2.5 D2494594Bus1989-1996
NISSANCARAVAN2.3 D2289514Box1988-1997
NISSANCARAVAN2.5 D2494594Box1988-1997
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