FACET 4.8764
Part Number(s):4.8764
ProductName:Ignition Cable
Cross Interchange Parts
Factory Number
EPS 1.500.764
KW 359 764
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Interchange Parts for FACET 4.8764
Brand Sku Type Name Relevance  
TESLA T591C Ignition Wire Set TESLA T591C Ignition Wire Set Direct Details»
JANMOR ABM46 Ignition Cable Kit JANMOR ABM46 Ignition Cable Kit Direct Details»
JANMOR ABS46 Ignition Cable Kit JANMOR ABS46 Ignition Cable Kit Direct Details»
JANMOR ABU46 Ignition Cable Kit JANMOR ABU46 Ignition Cable Kit Direct Details»
EPS 1.500.764 Ignition Cable EPS 1.500.764 Ignition Cable Direct Details»
KW 359 764 Ignition Cable KW 359 764 Ignition Cable Direct Details»
VW N 102 385 01 Ignition Cable VW N 102 385 01 Ignition Cable Direct Details»
BERU ZEF 1171 Ignition Wire Set BERU ZEF 1171 Ignition Wire Set Indirect Details»
AUDI 053 905 481 C Ignition Wire Set AUDI 053 905 481 C Ignition Wire Set Indirect Details»
BREMI 252 Ignition Wire Set BREMI 252 Ignition Wire Set Indirect Details»
AUDI N 102 383 01 Ignition Wire Set AUDI N 102 383 01 Ignition Wire Set Indirect Details»
AUDI N10238501 Ignition Cable Kit AUDI N10238501 Ignition Cable Kit Indirect Details»
QUINTON HAZELL XC1046 Ignition Cable Kit QUINTON HAZELL XC1046 Ignition Cable Kit Indirect Details»
BREMI 993 Ignition Cable Kit BREMI 993 Ignition Cable Kit Indirect Details»
BOUGICORD 9505 Ignition Cable Kit BOUGICORD 9505 Ignition Cable Kit Indirect Details»
AUDI 037 905 409 B Ignition Cable Kit AUDI 037 905 409 B Ignition Cable Kit Indirect Details»
AUDI N 100 529 06 Ignition Cable Kit AUDI N 100 529 06 Ignition Cable Kit Indirect Details»
HERTH+BUSS ELPARTS 51278111 Ignition Cable Kit HERTH+BUSS ELPARTS 51278111 Ignition Cable Kit Indirect Details»
FACET 4.7140 Ignition Wire Set FACET 4.7140 Ignition Wire Set Indirect Details»
MAGNETI MARELLI 941055070532 Ignition Cable Kit MAGNETI MARELLI 941055070532 Ignition Cable Kit Indirect Details»
MAGNETI MARELLI MSK532 Ignition Cable Kit MAGNETI MARELLI MSK532 Ignition Cable Kit Indirect Details»
BERU ZEF 1174 Ignition Wire Set BERU ZEF 1174 Ignition Wire Set Indirect Details»
KAGER 64-0035 Ignition Cable Kit KAGER 64-0035 Ignition Cable Kit Indirect Details»
TESLA T590C Ignition Cable Kit TESLA T590C Ignition Cable Kit Indirect Details»
NGK RC-AD1101 Ignition Cable Kit NGK RC-AD1101 Ignition Cable Kit Indirect Details»
NGK RC-AD 205 Ignition Cable Kit NGK RC-AD 205 Ignition Cable Kit Indirect Details»
HAVAM 1.500.764 Ignition Cable HAVAM 1.500.764 Ignition Cable Indirect Details»
DELCO REMY DRL656 Ignition Cable Kit DELCO REMY DRL656 Ignition Cable Kit Indirect Details»
BBT ZK337 Ignition Cable Kit BBT ZK337 Ignition Cable Kit Indirect Details»
BBT ZK358 Ignition Cable Kit BBT ZK358 Ignition Cable Kit Indirect Details»
VW 053 905 481 C Ignition Cable Kit VW 053 905 481 C Ignition Cable Kit Indirect Details»
VW N 102 383 01 Ignition Cable Kit VW N 102 383 01 Ignition Cable Kit Indirect Details»
BERU 0300890290 Ignition Wire Set BERU 0300890290 Ignition Wire Set Indirect Details»
BERU 0300891171 Ignition Wire Set BERU 0300891171 Ignition Wire Set Indirect Details»
BERU ZEF290 Ignition Wire Set BERU ZEF290 Ignition Wire Set Indirect Details»
NGK 0505 Ignition Wire Set NGK 0505 Ignition Wire Set Indirect Details»
Application of FACET 4.8764
Make Modle Engine CC KW cylinder Type Year
AUDI802.0 E 16V19841014Saloon1990-1991
AUDI802.0 E 16V quattro19841014Saloon1990-1991
AUDI802.0 E 16V19841034Saloon1992-1994
AUDI802.0 E 16V quattro19841034Saloon1992-1994
AUDI80 Avant2.0 E 16V19841034Estate1993-1996
AUDI80 Avant2.0 E 16V quattro19841034Estate1992-1995
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