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Part Number(s):12683
ProductName:Ignition Coil
Cross Interchange Parts
Factory Number
MEAT & DORIA 10411
HOFFER 8010411
BERU 0040100261
FISPA 85.30000
SIDAT 85.30000
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Interchange Parts for INTERMOTOR 12683
Brand Sku Type Name Relevance  
MEAT & DORIA 10411 Ignition Coil MEAT & DORIA 10411 Ignition Coil Direct Details»
HOFFER 8010411 Ignition Coil HOFFER 8010411 Ignition Coil Direct Details»
BERU 0040100261 Ignition Coil BERU 0040100261 Ignition Coil Direct Details»
FISPA 85.30000 Ignition Coil FISPA 85.30000 Ignition Coil Direct Details»
SIDAT 85.30000 Ignition Coil SIDAT 85.30000 Ignition Coil Direct Details»
BERU ZS 261 Ignition Coil BERU ZS 261 Ignition Coil Indirect Details»
ERA 880142 Ignition Coil ERA 880142 Ignition Coil Indirect Details»
STANDARD 12 683 Ignition Coil STANDARD 12 683 Ignition Coil Indirect Details»
BOSCH 0 986 221 012 Ignition Coil BOSCH 0 986 221 012 Ignition Coil Indirect Details»
VEMO V37-70-0001 Ignition Coil VEMO V37-70-0001 Ignition Coil Indirect Details»
BBT IC 17110 Ignition Coil BBT IC 17110 Ignition Coil Indirect Details»
BREMI 20137 Ignition Coil BREMI 20137 Ignition Coil Indirect Details»
HYUNDAI 27301-32800 Ignition Coil HYUNDAI 27301-32800 Ignition Coil Indirect Details»
HYUNDAI 27301-32810 Ignition Coil HYUNDAI 27301-32810 Ignition Coil Indirect Details»
HYUNDAI 27301-32820 Ignition Coil HYUNDAI 27301-32820 Ignition Coil Indirect Details»
HYUNDAI 27301-35020 Ignition Coil HYUNDAI 27301-35020 Ignition Coil Indirect Details»
MITSUBISHI MD 104696 Ignition Coil MITSUBISHI MD 104696 Ignition Coil Indirect Details»
FACET 9.6183 Ignition Coil FACET 9.6183 Ignition Coil Indirect Details»
LUCAS ELECTRICAL DMB 841 Ignition Coil LUCAS ELECTRICAL DMB 841 Ignition Coil Indirect Details»
FACET 470283KW Ignition Coil FACET 470283KW Ignition Coil Indirect Details»
QUINTON HAZELL XIC8075 Ignition Coil QUINTON HAZELL XIC8075 Ignition Coil Indirect Details»
FACET 1970283EPS Ignition Coil FACET 1970283EPS Ignition Coil Indirect Details»
HUECO 138843 Ignition Coil HUECO 138843 Ignition Coil Indirect Details»
BERU ZS289 Ignition Coil BERU ZS289 Ignition Coil Indirect Details»
BERU 0040100289 Ignition Coil BERU 0040100289 Ignition Coil Indirect Details»
STANDARD 12683 Ignition Coil STANDARD 12683 Ignition Coil Indirect Details»
STANDARD DMB 841 Ignition Coil STANDARD DMB 841 Ignition Coil Indirect Details»
ASIA AS-955 Ignition Coil ASIA AS-955 Ignition Coil Indirect Details»
DAIMOND F-089 Ignition Coil DAIMOND F-089 Ignition Coil Indirect Details»
OE MD111956 Ignition Coil OE MD111956 Ignition Coil Indirect Details»
PUI IC-049JP Ignition Coil PUI IC-049JP Ignition Coil Indirect Details»
TRANSPO HEC1131 Ignition Coil TRANSPO HEC1131 Ignition Coil Indirect Details»
HERTH+BUSS JAKOPARTS J5365006 Ignition Coil HERTH+BUSS JAKOPARTS J5365006 Ignition Coil Indirect Details»
METZGER 0880094 Ignition Coil METZGER 0880094 Ignition Coil Indirect Details»
MAGNETI MARELLI 060717034012 Ignition Coil MAGNETI MARELLI 060717034012 Ignition Coil Indirect Details»
MAGNETI MARELLI 060717057012 Ignition Coil MAGNETI MARELLI 060717057012 Ignition Coil Indirect Details»
SWAG 90 93 0713 Ignition Coil SWAG 90 93 0713 Ignition Coil Indirect Details»
JANMOR JM 5123 Ignition Coil JANMOR JM 5123 Ignition Coil Indirect Details»
FEBI BILSTEIN 30713 Ignition Coil FEBI BILSTEIN 30713 Ignition Coil Indirect Details»
STANDARD 12683 Intermotor Ignition Coil STANDARD 12683 Intermotor Ignition Coil Indirect Details»
STANDARD IIS209 Ignition Coil STANDARD IIS209 Ignition Coil Indirect Details»
TESLA CL525 Ignition Coil TESLA CL525 Ignition Coil Indirect Details»
FACET 1.970.283 Ignition Coil FACET 1.970.283 Ignition Coil Indirect Details»
FACET 470283 Ignition Coil FACET 470283 Ignition Coil Indirect Details»
H¨ąCO 138843 Ignition Coil H¨ąCO 138843 Ignition Coil Indirect Details»
Application of INTERMOTOR 12683
Make Modle Engine CC KW cylinder Type Year
MITSUBISHIGALANT Mk III2.4 GLS (E16A)2351824Saloon1985-1987
MITSUBISHIGALANT Mk IV2.0 4x4 (E39A, E38A, E33A)1997804Saloon1988-1992
MITSUBISHIGALANT Mk IV2.0 4x4 (E33A, E38A, E39A)1997804Hatchback1989-1992
MITSUBISHIGALANT Mk IV2.0 (E39A, E38A, E33A)1997804Saloon1987-1992
MITSUBISHIGALANT Mk IV2.0 (E39A, E38A, E33A)1997804Hatchback1989-1992
MITSUBISHISAPPORO Mk III2.4 (E16A)2351914Coupe1987-1990
MITSUBISHINIMBUS2.0 GLXi (D04W)1997744MPV1988-1991
MITSUBISHINIMBUS2.0 GLXi 4x4 (D08W)1997744MPV1988-1991
HYUNDAISONATA2.0 i 16V1997964Saloon1991-1993
HYUNDAISONATA Mk II2.0 i1997774Saloon1994-1996
HYUNDAISONATA Mk II2.0 i 16V1997924Saloon1996-1998
HYUNDAIH 1502.42351844Bus1997-2000
HYUNDAISTAREX2.4 4WD2351824MPV1998-2014
HYUNDAISONATA Mk II1.8 i1796724Saloon1993-1998
HYUNDAIH 1502.42351904Bus1993-2000
HYUNDAIH 2002.42351824Box2000-2014
HYUNDAIH 2002.42351824Bus1997-2014
HYUNDAIH 2002.4 4WD2351824Bus1997-2014
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