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DELPHI ES20135-12B1
Part Number(s):ES20135-12B1
ProductName:Lambda Sensor
Cross Interchange Parts
Factory Number
MEAT & DORIA 81510
HOFFER 7481510
FAE 77158
VEMO V40-76-0009
OPEL 8 55 345
TOPRAN 206 195
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Interchange Parts for DELPHI ES20135-12B1
Brand Sku Type Name Relevance  
MEAT & DORIA 81510 Oxygen Sensor MEAT & DORIA 81510 Oxygen Sensor Direct Details»
HOFFER 7481510 Oxygen Sensor HOFFER 7481510 Oxygen Sensor Direct Details»
FAE 77158 Oxygen Sensor FAE 77158 Oxygen Sensor Direct Details»
VEMO V40-76-0009 Oxygen Sensor VEMO V40-76-0009 Oxygen Sensor Direct Details»
OPEL 8 55 345 Oxygen Sensor OPEL 8 55 345 Oxygen Sensor Direct Details»
TOPRAN 206 195 Lambda Sensor TOPRAN 206 195 Lambda Sensor Direct Details»
BOSCH 0 258 005 055 Oxygen Sensor BOSCH 0 258 005 055 Oxygen Sensor Direct Details»
GENERAL MOTORS 25177596 Lambda Sensor GENERAL MOTORS 25177596 Lambda Sensor Direct Details»
VEMO 40-76-0009 Oxygen Sensor VEMO 40-76-0009 Oxygen Sensor Direct Details»
BERU OZH 148 Lambda Sensor BERU OZH 148 Lambda Sensor Direct Details»
AUTOMEGA 3008550345 Lambda Sensor AUTOMEGA 3008550345 Lambda Sensor Direct Details»
NTK (NGK-GROUP) OZA 448-E49 Lambda Sensor NTK (NGK-GROUP) OZA 448-E49 Lambda Sensor Direct Details»
INTERMOTOR 13178 Lambda Sensor INTERMOTOR 13178 Lambda Sensor Direct Details»
GENERAL MOTORS 9118698 Lambda Sensor GENERAL MOTORS 9118698 Lambda Sensor Direct Details»
FACET 10.7336 Lambda Sensor FACET 10.7336 Lambda Sensor Direct Details»
BOSCH 0 258 005 732 Oxygen Sensor BOSCH 0 258 005 732 Oxygen Sensor Direct Details»
BOSCH 0 258 005 055 Lambda Sensor BOSCH 0 258 005 055 Lambda Sensor Direct Details»
NTK (NGK-GROUP) 0404 Lambda Sensor NTK (NGK-GROUP) 0404 Lambda Sensor Direct Details»
NTK (NGK-GROUP) 404 Lambda Sensor NTK (NGK-GROUP) 404 Lambda Sensor Direct Details»
WALKER PRODUCTS 250-24490 Lambda Sensor WALKER PRODUCTS 250-24490 Lambda Sensor Direct Details»
STANDARD 13178 Lambda Sensor STANDARD 13178 Lambda Sensor Direct Details»
STANDARD LOS502 Lambda Sensor STANDARD LOS502 Lambda Sensor Direct Details»
STANDARD SG1417 Lambda Sensor STANDARD SG1417 Lambda Sensor Direct Details»
STANDARD SG1419 Lambda Sensor STANDARD SG1419 Lambda Sensor Direct Details»
STANDARD SG1423 Lambda Sensor STANDARD SG1423 Lambda Sensor Direct Details»
BERU 824010182 Lambda Sensor BERU 824010182 Lambda Sensor Direct Details»
EPS 1.997.336 Lambda Sensor EPS 1.997.336 Lambda Sensor Direct Details»
KW 497 336 Lambda Sensor KW 497 336 Lambda Sensor Direct Details»
ACDelco 213-1630 Lambda Sensor ACDelco 213-1630 Lambda Sensor Direct Details»
BOSCH 0 258 005 732 Lambda Sensor BOSCH 0 258 005 732 Lambda Sensor Direct Details»
BOSCH 13852 Lambda Sensor BOSCH 13852 Lambda Sensor Direct Details»
BOSCH 15557 Lambda Sensor BOSCH 15557 Lambda Sensor Direct Details»
BOSCH 15561 Lambda Sensor BOSCH 15561 Lambda Sensor Direct Details»
VAUXHALL 25177596 Lambda Sensor VAUXHALL 25177596 Lambda Sensor Direct Details»
CALORSTAT by Vernet LS140010 Lambda Sensor CALORSTAT by Vernet LS140010 Lambda Sensor Indirect Details»
FACET 10.7336 Oxygen Sensor FACET 10.7336 Oxygen Sensor Indirect Details»
STANDARD 13178 Lambda Sensor STANDARD 13178 Lambda Sensor Indirect Details»
MEAT & DORIA 81022 Oxygen Sensor MEAT & DORIA 81022 Oxygen Sensor Indirect Details»
MTE-THOMSON 7891.40.035 Lambda Sensor MTE-THOMSON 7891.40.035 Lambda Sensor Indirect Details»
HOFFER 7481022 Oxygen Sensor HOFFER 7481022 Oxygen Sensor Indirect Details»
BERU 0824010182 Oxygen Sensor BERU 0824010182 Oxygen Sensor Indirect Details»
OPEL 91 18 698 Oxygen Sensor OPEL 91 18 698 Oxygen Sensor Indirect Details»
OPEL 08 55 345 Oxygen Sensor OPEL 08 55 345 Oxygen Sensor Indirect Details»
WALKER PRODUCTS 250-24012 Oxygen Sensor WALKER PRODUCTS 250-24012 Oxygen Sensor Indirect Details»
HAVAM 1.997.336 Lambda Sensor HAVAM 1.997.336 Lambda Sensor Indirect Details»
NGK 0404 Lambda Sensor NGK 0404 Lambda Sensor Indirect Details»
MAGNETI MARELLI 460000404010 Oxygen Sensor MAGNETI MARELLI 460000404010 Oxygen Sensor Indirect Details»
EBERSPACHER 90.045.04 Lambda Sensor EBERSPACHER 90.045.04 Lambda Sensor Indirect Details»
VDO A2C59513224Z Lambda Sensor VDO A2C59513224Z Lambda Sensor Indirect Details»
OPEL 09118698 Oxygen Sensor OPEL 09118698 Oxygen Sensor Indirect Details»
Application of DELPHI ES20135-12B1
Make Modle Engine CC KW cylinder Type Year
OPELVECTRA B1.6 i 16V1598744Hatchback1995-2002
OPELVECTRA B1.6 i 16V1598744Saloon1995-2002
OPELVECTRA B1.6 i 16V1598744Estate1996-2002
VAUXHALLVECTRA1.6 i 16V1598744Saloon1995-2001
VAUXHALLVECTRA1.6 i 16V1598744Hatchback1995-2001
VAUXHALLVECTRA1.6 i 16V1598744Estate1996-2014
OPELASTRA G1.6 16V1598744Hatchback1998-2005
OPELASTRA G1.6 16V1598744Estate1998-2004
OPELASTRA G1.6 16V1598744Saloon1998-2005
OPELASTRA G1.4 16V1389664Hatchback1998-2005
OPELASTRA G1.4 16V1389664Estate1998-2004
OPELASTRA G1.4 16V1389664Saloon1998-2005
VAUXHALLASTRA Mk IV1.4 16V1389664Hatchback1998-2014
VAUXHALLASTRA Mk IV1.6 16V1598744Hatchback1998-2014
VAUXHALLASTRA Mk IV1.4 16V1389664Saloon1998-2014
VAUXHALLASTRA Mk IV1.6 16V1598744Saloon1998-2014
VAUXHALLASTRA Mk IV1.4 16V1389664Estate1998-2014
VAUXHALLASTRA Mk IV1.6 16V1598744Estate1998-2004
OPELZAFIRA1.6 16V1598744MPV1999-2005
VAUXHALLZAFIRA Mk I1.6 16V1598744MPV1999-2014
OPELTIGRA1.6 16V1598744Coupe1997-1998
OPELVITA B1.4 i 16V1389634Hatchback1997-2000
OPELVITA B1.6 i 16V1598744Hatchback1997-2000
OPELCOMBO1.4 16V1389664Box1999-2001
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