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MAGNETI MARELLI 352020070000
Part Number(s):352020070000
ProductName:Shock Absorber
Cross Interchange Parts
Factory Number
MONROE 11166
MONROE 11119
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Interchange Parts for MAGNETI MARELLI 352020070000
Brand Sku Type Name Relevance  
TRW JGM497T Shock Absorber TRW JGM497T Shock Absorber Direct Details»
GABRIEL G55615 Strut Assembly, Front GABRIEL G55615 Strut Assembly, Front Direct Details»
MONROE E4316 Shock Absorber MONROE E4316 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
MONROE 11166 Shock Absorber MONROE 11166 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
MONROE 11119 Shock Absorber MONROE 11119 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
MONROE E4309 Shock Absorber MONROE E4309 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
MAZDA DA97-34-700 Shock Absorber MAZDA DA97-34-700 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
MAZDA DA97-34-900 Shock Absorber MAZDA DA97-34-900 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
KYB 632087 Shock Absorber KYB 632087 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
KYB 632088 Shock Absorber KYB 632088 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
KYB 632110 Shock Absorber KYB 632110 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
KYB 632111 Shock Absorber KYB 632111 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
KYB 332054 Shock Absorber KYB 332054 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
KYB 332055 Shock Absorber KYB 332055 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
KYB 332068 Shock Absorber KYB 332068 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
KYB 332069 Shock Absorber KYB 332069 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
MONROE 11357 Shock Absorber MONROE 11357 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
MONROE 11358 Shock Absorber MONROE 11358 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
KAMOKA 20632115 Shock Absorber KAMOKA 20632115 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
KAMOKA 20632161 Shock Absorber KAMOKA 20632161 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
KAMOKA 20632162 Shock Absorber KAMOKA 20632162 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
KAMOKA 20632116 Shock Absorber KAMOKA 20632116 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
OPTIMAL A-3510GL Shock Absorber OPTIMAL A-3510GL Shock Absorber Direct Details»
KIA KKY01 34 700B Shock Absorber KIA KKY01 34 700B Shock Absorber Direct Details»
KIA KKY01 34 900B Shock Absorber KIA KKY01 34 900B Shock Absorber Direct Details»
OPTIMAL A-3510GR Shock Absorber OPTIMAL A-3510GR Shock Absorber Direct Details»
SACHS 200 985 Shock Absorber SACHS 200 985 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
SACHS 200 986 Shock Absorber SACHS 200 986 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
MAZDA D00134GBR Shock Absorber MAZDA D00134GBR Shock Absorber Direct Details»
MAZDA DA9734GBR Shock Absorber MAZDA DA9734GBR Shock Absorber Direct Details»
SACHS 170 945 Shock Absorber SACHS 170 945 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
QUINTON HAZELL 178244 Shock Absorber QUINTON HAZELL 178244 Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
SKF VKDA 88401 Suspension Strut Support Bearing SKF VKDA 88401 Suspension Strut Support Bearing Indirect Details»
SKF VKDA 88401 T Suspension Strut Support Bearing SKF VKDA 88401 T Suspension Strut Support Bearing Indirect Details»
NIPPARTS J5503000G Shock Absorber NIPPARTS J5503000G Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
NIPPARTS J5513000G Shock Absorber NIPPARTS J5513000G Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
BILSTEIN 22-047380 Shock Absorber BILSTEIN 22-047380 Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
BILSTEIN 22-047373 Shock Absorber BILSTEIN 22-047373 Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
ASHUKI 1650-0003 Shock Absorber ASHUKI 1650-0003 Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
ASHUKI 1653-0003 Shock Absorber ASHUKI 1653-0003 Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
DELPHI K2254000 Shock Absorber DELPHI K2254000 Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
BILSTEIN VNE-4739 Shock Absorber BILSTEIN VNE-4739 Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
BILSTEIN VNE-4740 Shock Absorber BILSTEIN VNE-4740 Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
OPTIMAL A-67133G Shock Absorber OPTIMAL A-67133G Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
BOGE 27-C53-A Shock Absorber BOGE 27-C53-A Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
BOGE 27-C54-A Shock Absorber BOGE 27-C54-A Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
DELPHI DG 5915 Shock Absorber DELPHI DG 5915 Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
SACHS 200 981 Shock Absorber SACHS 200 981 Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
SACHS 200 982 Shock Absorber SACHS 200 982 Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
SACHS 290 507 Shock Absorber SACHS 290 507 Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
Application of MAGNETI MARELLI 352020070000
Make Modle Engine CC KW cylinder Type Year
MAZDA121 Mk II1.3 16V1324394Saloon1990-1996
MAZDA121 Mk II1.3 i 16V1324534Saloon1990-1996
KIAPRIDE1.3 16V1324444Hatchback1990-2014
KIAPRIDE1.3 16V1324534Hatchback1990-2014
KIAPRIDE1.3 16V1324474Hatchback1996-2014
KIAPRIDE1.1 i1138384Hatchback1991-2014
KIAPRIDE1.3 i1324514Hatchback1990-2014
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