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ERA Benelux SP8006
Brand:ERA Benelux
Part Number(s):SP8006
ProductName:Hydraulic Pump
Cross Interchange Parts
Factory Number
SPIDAN 53720
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Interchange Parts for ERA Benelux SP8006
Brand Sku Type Name Relevance  
TRW JPR286 Power Steering Pump TRW JPR286 Power Steering Pump Direct Details»
SPIDAN 53720 Power Steering Pump SPIDAN 53720 Power Steering Pump Direct Details»
QUINTON HAZELL QSRPA952 Hydraulic Pump QUINTON HAZELL QSRPA952 Hydraulic Pump Direct Details»
ALFAROME/FIAT/LANCI 60610863 Hydraulic Pump ALFAROME/FIAT/LANCI 60610863 Hydraulic Pump Direct Details»
ALFAROME/FIAT/LANCI 60813339 Hydraulic Pump ALFAROME/FIAT/LANCI 60813339 Hydraulic Pump Direct Details»
ALFAROME/FIAT/LANCI 71788791 Hydraulic Pump ALFAROME/FIAT/LANCI 71788791 Hydraulic Pump Direct Details»
ALFAROME/FIAT/LANCI 71788794 Hydraulic Pump ALFAROME/FIAT/LANCI 71788794 Hydraulic Pump Direct Details»
TRISCAN 8760 38113 Suspension Sphere TRISCAN 8760 38113 Suspension Sphere Direct Details»
DELCO REMY DSP068 Power Steering Pump DELCO REMY DSP068 Power Steering Pump Indirect Details»
LENCO SP3220 Hydraulic Pump LENCO SP3220 Hydraulic Pump Indirect Details»
GENERAL RICAMBI PI0307 Power Steering Pump GENERAL RICAMBI PI0307 Power Steering Pump Indirect Details»
ZF LENKSYSTEME 7681 955 278 Power Steering Pump ZF LENKSYSTEME 7681 955 278 Power Steering Pump Indirect Details»
TRISCAN 8515 15615 Hydraulic Pump TRISCAN 8515 15615 Hydraulic Pump Indirect Details»
DA SILVA DP2324 Hydraulic Pump DA SILVA DP2324 Hydraulic Pump Indirect Details»
WAT BLF52Z Power Steering Pump WAT BLF52Z Power Steering Pump Indirect Details»
LAUBER 55.3339 Hydraulic Pump LAUBER 55.3339 Hydraulic Pump Indirect Details»
DELCO REMY DSP3339 Power Steering Pump DELCO REMY DSP3339 Power Steering Pump Indirect Details»
MAPCO 27010 Power Steering Pump MAPCO 27010 Power Steering Pump Indirect Details»
ALFA ROMEO 60813339 Power Steering Pump ALFA ROMEO 60813339 Power Steering Pump Indirect Details»
CITROEN 75 515 065 Suspension Sphere CITROEN 75 515 065 Suspension Sphere Indirect Details»
CITROEN 95 564 253 Suspension Sphere CITROEN 95 564 253 Suspension Sphere Indirect Details»
CITROEN 95 630 610 Suspension Sphere CITROEN 95 630 610 Suspension Sphere Indirect Details»
CITROEN 96 024 568 Suspension Sphere CITROEN 96 024 568 Suspension Sphere Indirect Details»
CITROEN 96065578 Suspension Sphere CITROEN 96065578 Suspension Sphere Indirect Details»
Magnum Technology AS0010MT Suspension Sphere Magnum Technology AS0010MT Suspension Sphere Indirect Details»
Magnum Technology AS0014MT Suspension Sphere Magnum Technology AS0014MT Suspension Sphere Indirect Details»
Magnum Technology AS0015MT Suspension Sphere Magnum Technology AS0015MT Suspension Sphere Indirect Details»
ZF LENKSYSTEME 7681 955 278 - 40 Hydraulic Pump ZF LENKSYSTEME 7681 955 278 - 40 Hydraulic Pump Indirect Details»
CARDONE 21G60101 Hydraulic Pump CARDONE 21G60101 Hydraulic Pump Indirect Details»
FEBI BILSTEIN 22505 Suspension Sphere FEBI BILSTEIN 22505 Suspension Sphere Indirect Details»
FEBI BILSTEIN 23794 Suspension Sphere FEBI BILSTEIN 23794 Suspension Sphere Indirect Details»
LENCO 80349 Hydraulic Pump LENCO 80349 Hydraulic Pump Indirect Details»
DELCO REMY DSP1557 Power Steering Pump DELCO REMY DSP1557 Power Steering Pump Indirect Details»
TRW JSS102 Suspension Sphere TRW JSS102 Suspension Sphere Indirect Details»
TTV TSP3339 Hydraulic Pump TTV TSP3339 Hydraulic Pump Indirect Details»
ZF Parts 2921 801 Hydraulic Pump ZF Parts 2921 801 Hydraulic Pump Indirect Details»
ZF 7681 955 278 Hydraulic Pump ZF 7681 955 278 Hydraulic Pump Indirect Details»
URW 32-72509 Hydraulic Pump URW 32-72509 Hydraulic Pump Indirect Details»
MONROE SP8006 Suspension Sphere MONROE SP8006 Suspension Sphere Indirect Details»
MONROE SP8009 Suspension Sphere MONROE SP8009 Suspension Sphere Indirect Details»
MONROE SP8010 Suspension Sphere MONROE SP8010 Suspension Sphere Indirect Details»
TRISCAN 9434-S95564253 Suspension Sphere TRISCAN 9434-S95564253 Suspension Sphere Indirect Details»
SWAG 64 92 2505 Suspension Sphere SWAG 64 92 2505 Suspension Sphere Indirect Details»
SWAG 64 92 3794 Suspension Sphere SWAG 64 92 3794 Suspension Sphere Indirect Details»
SERCORE 07B404 Hydraulic Pump SERCORE 07B404 Hydraulic Pump Indirect Details»
Application of ERA Benelux SP8006
Make Modle Engine CC KW cylinder Type Year
LANCIAKAPPA3.0 24V (838AD1AA, 838AD11A, 838XD1AA, 838ZD1AA)29591506Saloon1994-2001
ALFA ROMEOGTV3.0 V6 24V (916.C1)29591626Coupe1996-2000
LANCIAKAPPA SW3.0 24V (838BD11A)29591506Estate1996-2001
LANCIAKAPPA3.0 24V (838CD, 838CD11A)29591506Coupe1996-2001
ALFA ROMEO1562.5 V6 24V (932A1)24921406Saloon1997-2001
ALFA ROMEO1662.5 V6 24V (936A2___)24921406Saloon1998-2000
ALFA ROMEO1663.0 V6 24V (936A1___)29591666Saloon1998-2000
ALFA ROMEOSPIDER3.0 V6 24V29591626Convertible1999-2000
ALFA ROMEO156 Sportwagon2.5 V6 24V (932A1)24921406Estate2000-2000
ALFA ROMEO1663.0 V6 24V (936A11__)29591626Saloon2000-2014
ALFA ROMEOGTV3.0 V6 24V (916.C1B__)29591606Coupe2000-2014
ALFA ROMEOSPIDER3.0 V6 (916S1B00)29591606Convertible2000-2005
ALFA ROMEO1562.5 V6 24V (932A11_)24921416Saloon2000-2005
ALFA ROMEO156 Sportwagon2.5 V6 24V (932B11_)24921416Estate2000-2006
ALFA ROMEO1662.5 V6 24V (936A21__)24921386Saloon2000-2014
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