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Part Number(s):SP8014
ProductName:Hydraulic Pump
Cross Interchange Parts
Factory Number
LIZARTE 04.07.0370
LIZARTE 20.00.0029
LIZARTE 21G60260
LIZARTE 25211271
LIZARTE 25211280
LIZARTE 26024791
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Interchange Parts for LIZARTE SP8014
Brand Sku Type Name Relevance  
LIZARTE 04.07.0370 Power Steering Pump LIZARTE 04.07.0370 Array Direct Details»
LIZARTE 20.00.0029 Suspension Sphere LIZARTE 20.00.0029 Array Direct Details»
LIZARTE 21G60260 Hydraulic Pump LIZARTE 21G60260 Array Indirect Details»
LIZARTE 25211271 Hydraulic Pump LIZARTE 25211271 Array Indirect Details»
LIZARTE 25211280 Hydraulic Pump LIZARTE 25211280 Array Indirect Details»
LIZARTE 26024791 Hydraulic Pump LIZARTE 26024791 Array Indirect Details»
LIZARTE 26034984 Hydraulic Pump LIZARTE 26034984 Array Indirect Details»
LIZARTE 26064413 Hydraulic Pump LIZARTE 26064413 Array Indirect Details»
LIZARTE 26064414 Hydraulic Pump LIZARTE 26064414 Array Indirect Details»
LIZARTE 26073338 Hydraulic Pump LIZARTE 26073338 Array Indirect Details»
LIZARTE 501IFI Hydraulic Pump LIZARTE 501IFI Array Indirect Details»
LIZARTE 503IFI Hydraulic Pump LIZARTE 503IFI Array Indirect Details»
LIZARTE 8001 684 Hydraulic Pump LIZARTE 8001 684 Array Indirect Details»
LIZARTE 8001 690 Hydraulic Pump LIZARTE 8001 690 Array Indirect Details»
LIZARTE 8010 Air Conditioning Compressor LIZARTE 8010 Array Indirect Details»
LIZARTE BFT51S Hydraulic Pump LIZARTE BFT51S Array Indirect Details»
LIZARTE BLF50S Hydraulic Pump LIZARTE BLF50S Array Indirect Details»
LIZARTE BLF51S Hydraulic Pump LIZARTE BLF51S Array Indirect Details»
LIZARTE DSP008 Hydraulic Pump LIZARTE DSP008 Array Indirect Details»
LIZARTE DSP067 Hydraulic Pump LIZARTE DSP067 Array Indirect Details»
LIZARTE DSP073 Hydraulic Pump LIZARTE DSP073 Array Indirect Details»
LIZARTE DSP3843 Hydraulic Pump LIZARTE DSP3843 Array Indirect Details»
LIZARTE JPR151 Hydraulic Pump LIZARTE JPR151 Array Indirect Details»
LIZARTE JPR207 Hydraulic Pump LIZARTE JPR207 Array Indirect Details»
LIZARTE JPR285 Hydraulic Pump LIZARTE JPR285 Array Indirect Details»
LIZARTE JSS118 Suspension Sphere LIZARTE JSS118 Array Indirect Details»
LIZARTE PA1309 Hydraulic Pump LIZARTE PA1309 Array Indirect Details»
LIZARTE PIO564 Hydraulic Pump LIZARTE PIO564 Array Indirect Details»
LIZARTE PIO695 Hydraulic Pump LIZARTE PIO695 Array Indirect Details»
LIZARTE PIO696 Hydraulic Pump LIZARTE PIO696 Array Indirect Details»
LIZARTE PIO697 Hydraulic Pump LIZARTE PIO697 Array Indirect Details»
LIZARTE PIO763 Hydraulic Pump LIZARTE PIO763 Array Indirect Details»
LIZARTE QHS215 Suspension Sphere LIZARTE QHS215 Array Indirect Details»
LIZARTE SP8001 Hydraulic Pump LIZARTE SP8001 Array Indirect Details»
LIZARTE SP8003 Hydraulic Pump LIZARTE SP8003 Array Indirect Details»
LIZARTE SP8007 Hydraulic Pump LIZARTE SP8007 Array Indirect Details»
LIZARTE SP8008 Hydraulic Pump LIZARTE SP8008 Array Indirect Details»
ERA Benelux SP8067 Power Steering Pump ERA Benelux SP8067 Array Indirect Details»
ELSTOCK 15-0305 Hydraulic Pump ELSTOCK 15-0305 Array Indirect Details»
SASIC 7076003 Hydraulic Pump SASIC 7076003 Array Indirect Details»
SASIC 7076005 Hydraulic Pump SASIC 7076005 Array Indirect Details»
LIZARTE SP8067 Hydraulic Pump LIZARTE SP8067 Array Indirect Details»
LIZARTE SP8070 Hydraulic Pump LIZARTE SP8070 Array Indirect Details»
LIZARTE SP8075 Hydraulic Pump LIZARTE SP8075 Array Indirect Details»
LIZARTE SP8092 Hydraulic Pump LIZARTE SP8092 Array Indirect Details»
LIZARTE SP8107 Hydraulic Pump LIZARTE SP8107 Array Indirect Details»
LIZARTE XM55FH Suspension Sphere LIZARTE XM55FH Array Indirect Details»
GENERAL RICAMBI PI0763 Power Steering Pump GENERAL RICAMBI PI0763 Array Indirect Details»
DA SILVA DP2865 Hydraulic Pump DA SILVA DP2865 Array Indirect Details»
DA SILVA S2294 Suspension Sphere DA SILVA S2294 Array Indirect Details»
Application of LIZARTE SP8014
Make Modle Engine CC KW cylinder Type Year
ALFA ROMEO1452.0 16V T.S.19701104Hatchback1995-2001
ALFA ROMEO1462.0 16V T.S.19701104Hatchback1995-2001
ALFA ROMEOGTV2.0 T.SPARK 16V (916.C2__, 916C2C00)19701104Coupe1995-2014
ALFA ROMEOSPIDER2.0 T.SPARK 16V (916S2C00)19701104Convertible1995-2005
ALFA ROMEO1451.4 i.e. 16V T.S.1370764Hatchback1996-2001
ALFA ROMEO1461.4 i.e. 16V T.S.1370764Hatchback1996-2001
ALFA ROMEO1461.6 i.e. 16V T.S.1598884Hatchback1996-2001
ALFA ROMEO1461.8 i.e. 16V T.S.17471034Hatchback1996-2001
ALFA ROMEO1451.6 i.e. 16V T.S.1598884Hatchback1996-2001
ALFA ROMEO1451.8 i.e. 16V T.S.17471034Hatchback1996-1998
ALFA ROMEO1561.6 16V T.SPARK (932A4)1598884Saloon1997-2005
ALFA ROMEO1561.8 16V T.SPARK (932A3)17471064Saloon1997-2000
ALFA ROMEO1562.0 16V T.SPARK (932A2)19701144Saloon1997-2000
ALFA ROMEOGTV1.8 16V (916C3)17471064Coupe1998-2014
ALFA ROMEOSPIDER1.8 16V (916S3)17471064Convertible1998-2005
ALFA ROMEOSPIDER2.0 T.SPARK 16V (916S2B)19701144Convertible1998-2000
ALFA ROMEOGTV2.0 T.SPARK 16V (916C2C)19701144Coupe1998-2000
ALFA ROMEO1452.0 16V Quadrifoglio19701144Hatchback1998-2001
ALFA ROMEO1462.0 16V Quadrifoglio19701144Hatchback1998-2001
ALFA ROMEO1451.9 JTD1910774Hatchback1999-2001
ALFA ROMEO1461.9 JTD1910774Hatchback1999-2001
ALFA ROMEO1561.8 16V T.SPARK (932A31__)17471034Saloon2000-2005
ALFA ROMEO1562.0 16V T.SPARK (932A21__)19701104Saloon2000-2002
FIATDOBLO Cargo1.9 D (223ZXB1A)1910464Box2001-2014
LANCIALYBRA2.4 JTD (839AXL1A)23871035Saloon2000-2002
LANCIALYBRA SW2.4 JTD (839BXL1A)23871035Estate2000-2014
LANCIALYBRA1.9 JTD (839AXI1A)1910814Saloon2000-2001
LANCIALYBRA SW1.9 JTD (839BXI1A)1910814Estate2000-2001
ALFA ROMEO1561.9 JTD (932A2B__)1910814Saloon2000-2001
ALFA ROMEO1562.4 JTD (932A1B__)23871035Saloon2000-2005
ALFA ROMEO156 Sportwagon1.9 JTD (932B2B__)1910814Estate2000-2001
ALFA ROMEO156 Sportwagon2.4 JTD (932B1B__)23871035Estate2000-2006
FIATMAREA1.9 JTD 1101910814Saloon2001-2014
FIATMAREA Weekend1.9 JTD 1101910814Estate2001-2014
FIATMULTIPLA1.9 JTD 1101910814MPV2001-2002
FIATPALIO Weekend1.9 D (178DYD1A07)1910464Estate2001-2014
ALFA ROMEO1471.9 JTD (937AXD1A)1910854Hatchback2001-2014
FIATDOBLO1.9 JTD (223AXE1A)1910744MPV2001-2014
ALFA ROMEO1561.9 JTD (932A2B, 932A2C)1910854Saloon2001-2005
ALFA ROMEO156 Sportwagon1.9 JTD (932B2B, 932B2C)1910854Estate2001-2006
LANCIALYBRA1.9 JTD1910854Saloon2001-2014
LANCIALYBRA SW1.9 JTD1910854Estate2001-2014
FIATDOBLO Cargo1.9 JTD (223ZXE1A)1910744Box2001-2014
LANCIALYBRA2.4 JTD23871105Saloon2002-2014
LANCIALYBRA SW2.4 JTD23871105Estate2002-2014
FIATMULTIPLA1.9 JTD 1151910854MPV2002-2014
ALFA ROMEO1471.9 JTD1910744Hatchback2003-2014
FIATDOBLO1.9 JTD1910774MPV2003-2014
FIATDOBLO Cargo1.9 JTD1910774Box2003-2014
FIATDOBLO1.9 D Multijet1910884MPV2005-2014
FIATMULTIPLA1.9 JTD (186AXE1A)1910884MPV2002-2014
ALFA ROMEO1562.0 Twin Spark19701184Saloon1997-2000
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