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Part Number(s):SP8028
ProductName:Hydraulic Pump
Cross Interchange Parts
Factory Number
LIZARTE 04.20.0125
LIZARTE 20.00.0035
LIZARTE 2847 401
LIZARTE 2857 701
LIZARTE 2860 101
LIZARTE 2919 001
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Interchange Parts for LIZARTE SP8028
Brand Sku Type Name Relevance  
LIZARTE 04.20.0125 Power Steering Pump LIZARTE 04.20.0125 Power Steering Pump Direct Details»
LIZARTE 20.00.0035 Suspension Sphere LIZARTE 20.00.0035 Suspension Sphere Direct Details»
LIZARTE 2847 401 Hydraulic Pump LIZARTE 2847 401 Hydraulic Pump Indirect Details»
LIZARTE 2857 701 Hydraulic Pump LIZARTE 2857 701 Hydraulic Pump Indirect Details»
LIZARTE 2860 101 Hydraulic Pump LIZARTE 2860 101 Hydraulic Pump Indirect Details»
LIZARTE 2919 001 Hydraulic Pump LIZARTE 2919 001 Hydraulic Pump Indirect Details»
LIZARTE 8138 Suspension Sphere LIZARTE 8138 Suspension Sphere Indirect Details»
LIZARTE 8691955121 Hydraulic Pump LIZARTE 8691955121 Hydraulic Pump Indirect Details»
LIZARTE 869 1955 132 Hydraulic Pump LIZARTE 869 1955 132 Hydraulic Pump Indirect Details»
LIZARTE 8691955137 Hydraulic Pump LIZARTE 8691955137 Hydraulic Pump Indirect Details»
LIZARTE 8691955139 Hydraulic Pump LIZARTE 8691955139 Hydraulic Pump Indirect Details»
LIZARTE 8691955141 Hydraulic Pump LIZARTE 8691955141 Hydraulic Pump Indirect Details»
LIZARTE 869 1955 148 Hydraulic Pump LIZARTE 869 1955 148 Hydraulic Pump Indirect Details»
LIZARTE 8691955149 Hydraulic Pump LIZARTE 8691955149 Hydraulic Pump Indirect Details»
LIZARTE 869 1955 153 Hydraulic Pump LIZARTE 869 1955 153 Hydraulic Pump Indirect Details»
LIZARTE 8691955165 Hydraulic Pump LIZARTE 8691955165 Hydraulic Pump Indirect Details»
LIZARTE 8692955117 Hydraulic Pump LIZARTE 8692955117 Hydraulic Pump Indirect Details»
LIZARTE 8692955124 Hydraulic Pump LIZARTE 8692955124 Hydraulic Pump Indirect Details»
LIZARTE 8692955125 Hydraulic Pump LIZARTE 8692955125 Hydraulic Pump Indirect Details»
LIZARTE BX30RS Suspension Sphere LIZARTE BX30RS Suspension Sphere Indirect Details»
LIZARTE JSS122 Suspension Sphere LIZARTE JSS122 Suspension Sphere Indirect Details»
LIZARTE PIO146 Hydraulic Pump LIZARTE PIO146 Hydraulic Pump Indirect Details»
LIZARTE PIO455 Hydraulic Pump LIZARTE PIO455 Hydraulic Pump Indirect Details»
LIZARTE PIO555 Hydraulic Pump LIZARTE PIO555 Hydraulic Pump Indirect Details»
LIZARTE PIO570 Hydraulic Pump LIZARTE PIO570 Hydraulic Pump Indirect Details»
LIZARTE PIO729 Hydraulic Pump LIZARTE PIO729 Hydraulic Pump Indirect Details»
LIZARTE PIO981 Hydraulic Pump LIZARTE PIO981 Hydraulic Pump Indirect Details»
LIZARTE QHS265 Suspension Sphere LIZARTE QHS265 Suspension Sphere Indirect Details»
SPIDAN 53546 Power Steering Pump SPIDAN 53546 Power Steering Pump Indirect Details»
ERA Benelux SP8034 Power Steering Pump ERA Benelux SP8034 Power Steering Pump Indirect Details»
ELSTOCK 15-0007 Power Steering Pump ELSTOCK 15-0007 Power Steering Pump Indirect Details»
CARDONE 21G40200 Power Steering Pump CARDONE 21G40200 Power Steering Pump Indirect Details»
LIZARTE SP8034 Hydraulic Pump LIZARTE SP8034 Hydraulic Pump Indirect Details»
LIZARTE SP8046 Hydraulic Pump LIZARTE SP8046 Hydraulic Pump Indirect Details»
LENCO SP3046 Power Steering Pump LENCO SP3046 Power Steering Pump Indirect Details»
DA SILVA DP2067 Hydraulic Pump DA SILVA DP2067 Hydraulic Pump Indirect Details»
DA SILVA S2269 Suspension Sphere DA SILVA S2269 Suspension Sphere Indirect Details»
DA SILVA S269 Suspension Sphere DA SILVA S269 Suspension Sphere Indirect Details»
CEVAM 0035 Suspension Sphere CEVAM 0035 Suspension Sphere Indirect Details»
SERCORE 07B411 Hydraulic Pump SERCORE 07B411 Hydraulic Pump Indirect Details»
SERCORE 155417 Suspension Sphere SERCORE 155417 Suspension Sphere Indirect Details»
Magnum Technology AS0001MT Suspension Sphere Magnum Technology AS0001MT Suspension Sphere Indirect Details»
URW 32-71501 Power Steering Pump URW 32-71501 Power Steering Pump Indirect Details»
MONROE SP8028 Suspension Sphere MONROE SP8028 Suspension Sphere Indirect Details»
LEMFORDER 16591 Power Steering Pump LEMFORDER 16591 Power Steering Pump Indirect Details»
AUDI 035145155H Hydraulic Pump AUDI 035145155H Hydraulic Pump Indirect Details»
AUDI 054 145 165 A Power Steering Pump AUDI 054 145 165 A Power Steering Pump Indirect Details»
AUDI 054 145 165 B Power Steering Pump AUDI 054 145 165 B Power Steering Pump Indirect Details»
AUDI 054 145 165 G Power Steering Pump AUDI 054 145 165 G Power Steering Pump Indirect Details»
AUDI 054 145 165 H Power Steering Pump AUDI 054 145 165 H Power Steering Pump Indirect Details»
Application of LIZARTE SP8028
Make Modle Engine CC KW cylinder Type Year
AUDICOUPE2.3 20V23091235Coupe1990-1991
AUDICOUPE2.3 20V quattro23091255Coupe1988-1991
AUDICOUPES2 quattro22261695Coupe1992-1996
AUDICOUPE2.3 20V quattro23091235Coupe1990-1996
AUDI801.9 TD1896554Saloon1991-1994
AUDI801.9 TDI1896664Saloon1991-1994
AUDI801.6 E1595744Saloon1993-1994
AUDI802.0 E1984854Saloon1991-1994
AUDI802.0 E 16V19841034Saloon1992-1994
AUDI802.0 E 16V quattro19841034Saloon1992-1994
AUDI802.0 E quattro1984854Saloon1991-1994
AUDI80S2 quattro22261695Saloon1993-1994
AUDI802.3 E quattro2309985Saloon1991-1994
AUDI802.6 quattro25981106Saloon1992-1994
AUDI802.8 quattro27711286Saloon1991-1994
AUDI80 Avant2.01984664Estate1992-1996
AUDI80 Avant2.0 E1984854Estate1992-1996
AUDI80 Avant2.0 E 16V19841034Estate1993-1996
AUDI80 Avant2.625981106Estate1992-1996
AUDI80 AvantS2 quattro22261695Estate1993-1995
AUDI80 Avant2.6 quattro25981106Estate1992-1995
AUDI80 Avant2.8 quattro27711286Estate1992-1995
AUDI902.3 E 20V23091235Saloon1990-1991
AUDI902.3 E 20V quattro23091255Saloon1988-1991
AUDI902.3 E 20V quattro23091235Saloon1990-1991
LANCIATHEMA2000 i.e. (834BV)1995854Saloon1987-1992
LANCIATHEMA2000 i.e.Turbo (834CV)19951104Saloon1986-1990
LANCIATHEMA2000 i.e. 16V (834AI)19951044Saloon1989-1992
LANCIATHEMA SW2000 i.e. 16V (834AI)19951044Estate1989-1992
LANCIATHEMA SW2000 16V (834FA)19951124Estate1992-1994
LANCIATHEMA SW2000 i.e. 16V Turbo (834AL)19951304Estate1989-1993
AUDIA84.2 quattro41722208Saloon1994-1998
AUDIA82.8 quattro27711286Saloon1994-1996
AUDIA84.2 quattro41721808Saloon1994-1996
AUDI80 AvantRS2 quattro (P1)22262325Estate1994-1995
AUDI80 Avant2.3 E quattro2309985Estate1991-1994
AUDI80 Avant1.9 TDI1896664Estate1992-1996
AUDI80 Avant1.6 E1595744Estate1993-1996
AUDI80 Avant2.827711286Estate1991-1996
AUDI902.3 E 20V23091255Saloon1988-1991
AUDICOUPE2.3 20V23091255Coupe1989-1991
AUDIQUATTRO2.2 20V22261625Coupe1989-1991
AUDICABRIOLET2.0 16V19841034Convertible1995-1996
AUDIA83.7 quattro36971698Saloon1995-1998
AUDIA82.8 quattro27711426Saloon1996-2002
AUDIA8S 8 quattro41722508Saloon1996-1999
AUDI80 Avant2.0 E 16V quattro19841034Estate1992-1995
LANCIATHEMA2000 16V (834FA)19951124Saloon1992-1993
LANCIATHEMA2000 16V Turbo (834GC, 834FC)19951484Saloon1992-1994
LANCIATHEMA SW2000 Turbo 16V (834GC, 834FC)19951484Estate1992-1994
LANCIATHEMA2000 16V Turbo (834AC)19951334Saloon1988-1990
AUDIQUATTRO2.1 20V Turbo21442255Coupe1984-1987
AUDIA82.8 quattro27711206Saloon1995-1996
AUDI902.0 20 V19941185Saloon1989-1991
LANCIATHEMA2000 i.e (834AB)1995864Saloon1988-1992
LANCIATHEMA SW2000 i.e. 16V (834AA)19951084Estate1989-1992
LANCIATHEMA SW2000 i.e. 16V Turbo (834AC)19951334Estate1988-1990
LANCIATHEMA2000 i.e. 16V (834AA)19951084Saloon1988-1992
AUDI902.0 20 V quattro19941185Saloon1988-1991
AUDI80 Avant1.9 TD1896554Estate1991-1994
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