FRIGAIR 6102.0007
Part Number(s):6102.0007
ProductName:Intercooler charger
Cross Interchange Parts
Factory Number
FRIGAIR 0705.3007
VAN WEZEL 18004314
FORD 4 042 309
FORD 4 401 912
FORD 4 522 532
FORD YC15 9L440 BA
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Interchange Parts for FRIGAIR 6102.0007
Brand Sku Type Name Relevance  
FRIGAIR 0705.3007 Intercooler charger FRIGAIR 0705.3007 Intercooler charger Direct Details»
VAN WEZEL 18004314 Intercooler charger VAN WEZEL 18004314 Intercooler charger Indirect Details»
FORD 4 042 309 Intercooler charger FORD 4 042 309 Intercooler charger Indirect Details»
FORD 4 401 912 Intercooler charger FORD 4 401 912 Intercooler charger Indirect Details»
FORD 4 522 532 Intercooler charger FORD 4 522 532 Intercooler charger Indirect Details»
FORD YC15 9L440 BA Intercooler charger FORD YC15 9L440 BA Intercooler charger Indirect Details»
FORD YC159L440BC Intercooler charger FORD YC159L440BC Intercooler charger Indirect Details»
FORD YC15 9L440 BD Intercooler charger FORD YC15 9L440 BD Intercooler charger Indirect Details»
FORD YC159L440BE Intercooler charger FORD YC159L440BE Intercooler charger Indirect Details»
FORD YC159L440BF Intercooler charger FORD YC159L440BF Intercooler charger Indirect Details»
FORD YC159L440CA Intercooler charger FORD YC159L440CA Intercooler charger Indirect Details»
AVA QUALITY COOLING FD4314 Intercooler charger AVA QUALITY COOLING FD4314 Intercooler charger Indirect Details»
AVA QUALITY COOLING FDA4314 Intercooler charger AVA QUALITY COOLING FDA4314 Intercooler charger Indirect Details»
SCHLIECKMANN 60184314 Intercooler charger SCHLIECKMANN 60184314 Intercooler charger Indirect Details»
NISSENS 96732 Intercooler charger NISSENS 96732 Intercooler charger Indirect Details»
4SEASONS 710.010 Intercooler charger 4SEASONS 710.010 Intercooler charger Indirect Details»
NRF 30887 Intercooler charger NRF 30887 Intercooler charger Indirect Details»
Application of FRIGAIR 6102.0007
Make Modle Engine CC KW cylinder Type Year
FORDTRANSIT2.0 TDCi (F_F_, F_E_, F_G_)1998924Bus2002-2006
FORDTRANSIT2.4 TDCi24021014Bus2004-2006
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