FRIGAIR 6111.0003
Part Number(s):6111.0003
ProductName:Intercooler charger
Cross Interchange Parts
Factory Number
FRIGAIR 0707.3003
VALEO 817696
VALEO 817729
VAN WEZEL 37004361
OPEL 12788019
OPEL 24418365
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Interchange Parts for FRIGAIR 6111.0003
Brand Sku Type Name Relevance  
FRIGAIR 0707.3003 Intercooler charger FRIGAIR 0707.3003 Intercooler charger Direct Details»
VALEO 817696 Intercooler charger VALEO 817696 Intercooler charger Indirect Details»
VALEO 817729 Intercooler charger VALEO 817729 Intercooler charger Indirect Details»
VAN WEZEL 37004361 Intercooler charger VAN WEZEL 37004361 Intercooler charger Indirect Details»
OPEL 12788019 Intercooler charger OPEL 12788019 Intercooler charger Indirect Details»
OPEL 24418365 Intercooler charger OPEL 24418365 Intercooler charger Indirect Details»
OPEL 63 02 040 Intercooler charger OPEL 63 02 040 Intercooler charger Indirect Details»
OPEL 6302046 Intercooler charger OPEL 6302046 Intercooler charger Indirect Details»
SAAB 12788019 Intercooler charger SAAB 12788019 Intercooler charger Indirect Details»
SAAB 24418365 Intercooler charger SAAB 24418365 Intercooler charger Indirect Details»
SAAB 6302040 Intercooler charger SAAB 6302040 Intercooler charger Indirect Details»
SAAB 6302046 Intercooler charger SAAB 6302046 Intercooler charger Indirect Details»
VAUXHALL 12788019 Intercooler charger VAUXHALL 12788019 Intercooler charger Indirect Details»
VAUXHALL 24418365 Intercooler charger VAUXHALL 24418365 Intercooler charger Indirect Details»
VAUXHALL 6302040 Intercooler charger VAUXHALL 6302040 Intercooler charger Indirect Details»
VAUXHALL 6302046 Intercooler charger VAUXHALL 6302046 Intercooler charger Indirect Details»
AVA QUALITY COOLING OL4361 Intercooler charger AVA QUALITY COOLING OL4361 Intercooler charger Indirect Details»
AKS DASIS 157017N Intercooler charger AKS DASIS 157017N Intercooler charger Indirect Details»
KĘ╣HLER SCHNEIDER 0670251 Intercooler charger KĘ╣HLER SCHNEIDER 0670251 Intercooler charger Indirect Details»
NISSENS 96684 Intercooler charger NISSENS 96684 Intercooler charger Indirect Details»
NISSENS 96749 Intercooler charger NISSENS 96749 Intercooler charger Indirect Details»
4SEASONS 721.012 Intercooler charger 4SEASONS 721.012 Intercooler charger Indirect Details»
4SEASONS 725.006 Intercooler charger 4SEASONS 725.006 Intercooler charger Indirect Details»
NRF 30854 Intercooler charger NRF 30854 Intercooler charger Indirect Details»
NRF 30858 Intercooler charger NRF 30858 Intercooler charger Indirect Details»
Application of FRIGAIR 6111.0003
Make Modle Engine CC KW cylinder Type Year
OPELVECTRA C2.2 DTI 16V2172924Saloon2002-2014
VAUXHALLVECTRA Mk II2.2 DTI 16V2172924Saloon2002-2014
OPELVECTRA C GTS2.2 DTI 16V2172924Hatchback2002-2014
SAAB9-32.0 T19981544Saloon2002-2014
SAAB9-32.2 TiD2171924Saloon2002-2014
VAUXHALLVECTRA Mk II2.2 DTI 16V2172924Hatchback2002-2008
OPELVECTRA C GTS2.0 16V Turbo19981294Hatchback2003-2014
OPELSIGNUM2.0 Turbo19981294Hatchback2003-2014
OPELSIGNUM2.2 DTI2171924Hatchback2003-2014
SAAB9-32.0 t19981294Saloon2002-2014
VAUXHALLSIGNUM2.0 i Turbo19981294Hatchback2002-2008
VAUXHALLSIGNUM2.2 DTI2172924Hatchback2003-2014
OPELVECTRA C2.0 16V Turbo19981294Saloon2003-2014
VAUXHALLVECTRA Mk II2.0 16V Turbo19981294Hatchback2003-2008
VAUXHALLVECTRA Mk II2.0 16V Turbo19981294Saloon2000-2008
OPELVECTRA C2.2 DTI2172924Estate2003-2014
OPELVECTRA C2.0 Turbo19981294Estate2003-2014
SAAB9-32.0 t19981294Convertible2003-2014
SAAB9-32.0 T19981544Convertible2003-2014
VAUXHALLVECTRA Mk II2.0 16V Turbo19981294Estate2003-2008
VAUXHALLVECTRA Mk II2.2 DTI 16V2172924Estate2003-2008
SAAB9-32.0 t19981104Estate2005-2014
SAAB9-32.0 t19981294Estate2005-2014
SAAB9-32.0 T19981544Estate2005-2014
SAAB9-32.8 Turbo V627921846Estate2005-2014
SAAB9-32.8 Turbo V627921846Saloon2005-2014
SAAB9-32.8 Turbo V627921846Convertible2006-2014
SAAB9-32.0 Turbo Performance19981854Convertible2004-2014
SAAB9-32.0 Turbo Performance19981854Saloon2004-2014
SAAB9-32.8 Turbo V627921886Convertible2007-2014
SAAB9-32.8 Turbo V627921886Saloon2007-2014
SAAB9-32.8 Turbo V627921886Estate2007-2014
SAAB9-31.8 t BioPower19981104Estate2007-2014
SAAB9-32.0 t BioPower19981294Estate2007-2014
SAAB9-31,8t BioPower19981104Convertible2007-2014
SAAB9-32.0 t BioPower19981294Convertible2007-2014
SAAB9-31,8t BioPower19981104Saloon2007-2014
SAAB9-32.0 t BioPower19981294Saloon2007-2014
SAAB9-32.0 t BioPower19981454Saloon2007-2014
SAAB9-32.8 Turbo V627922036Saloon2008-2014
SAAB9-32.0 t BioPower19981454Convertible2007-2014
SAAB9-32.0 t BioPower19981454Estate2007-2014
SAAB9-32.8 Turbo V627922036Estate2008-2014
SAAB9-32.8 Turbo V6 XWD27922066Estate2008-2014
SAAB9-32.8 Turbo V6 XWD27922066Saloon2008-2014
SAAB9-32.0 T XWD19981544Estate2008-2014
SAAB9-31,8t BioPower19981294Saloon2009-2014
SAAB9-32.0 t BioPower19981474Saloon2009-2014
SAAB9-32.0 T BioPower19981544Saloon2002-2014
SAAB9-32.0 T19981774Saloon2009-2014
SAAB9-32.0 Turbo XWD19981544Saloon2002-2014
SAAB9-31,8t BioPower19981294Convertible2007-2014
SAAB9-32.0 t BioPower19981474Convertible2007-2014
SAAB9-32.8 Turbo V627922036Convertible2009-2014
SAAB9-31.8 t19981104Estate2005-2014
SAAB9-32.0 T19981474Estate2009-2014
SAAB9-32.8 Turbo V627922066Convertible2009-2014
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