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OE 20362-AA201
Part Number(s):20362-AA201
ProductName:Shock Absorber
Cross Interchange Parts
Factory Number
ACDelco AX56307
BOGE 32-C59-A
SACHS 200 193
MONROE 16702
OE 20361-AA270
OE 20362-AA610
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Interchange Parts for OE 20362-AA201
Brand Sku Type Name Relevance  
ACDelco AX56307 Shock Absorber ACDelco AX56307 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
BOGE 32-C59-A Shock Absorber BOGE 32-C59-A Shock Absorber Direct Details»
SACHS 200 193 Shock Absorber SACHS 200 193 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
MONROE 16702 Shock Absorber MONROE 16702 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
OE 20361-AA270 Shock Absorber OE 20361-AA270 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
OE 20362-AA610 Shock Absorber OE 20362-AA610 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
SUBARU 20360-FA090 Shock Absorber SUBARU 20360-FA090 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
SUBARU 20360-FA091 Shock Absorber SUBARU 20360-FA091 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
SUBARU 20360-FA092 Shock Absorber SUBARU 20360-FA092 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
SUBARU 20360-FA130 Shock Absorber SUBARU 20360-FA130 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
SUBARU 20360-FA151 Shock Absorber SUBARU 20360-FA151 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
SUBARU 20360-FA250 Shock Absorber SUBARU 20360-FA250 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
SUBARU 20360-FA251 Shock Absorber SUBARU 20360-FA251 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
SUBARU 20360-FA252 Shock Absorber SUBARU 20360-FA252 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
SUBARU 20360-FA370 Shock Absorber SUBARU 20360-FA370 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
SUBARU 20360-FA411 Shock Absorber SUBARU 20360-FA411 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
SUBARU 20360-FA412 Shock Absorber SUBARU 20360-FA412 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
SUBARU 20360-FA660 Shock Absorber SUBARU 20360-FA660 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
SUBARU 20361-AA110 Shock Absorber SUBARU 20361-AA110 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
SUBARU 20361-AA130 Shock Absorber SUBARU 20361-AA130 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
SUBARU 20361-AA131 Shock Absorber SUBARU 20361-AA131 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
SUBARU 20361-AA150 Shock Absorber SUBARU 20361-AA150 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
SUBARU 20361-AA330 Shock Absorber SUBARU 20361-AA330 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
SUBARU 20361-AA331 Shock Absorber SUBARU 20361-AA331 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
SUBARU 20361-AA931 Shock Absorber SUBARU 20361-AA931 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
SUBARU 20362-AA010 Shock Absorber SUBARU 20362-AA010 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
SUBARU 20362-AA011 Shock Absorber SUBARU 20362-AA011 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
SUBARU 20362-AA031 Shock Absorber SUBARU 20362-AA031 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
SUBARU 20362-AA110 Shock Absorber SUBARU 20362-AA110 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
SUBARU 20362-AA111 Shock Absorber SUBARU 20362-AA111 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
SUBARU 20362-AA130 Shock Absorber SUBARU 20362-AA130 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
SUBARU 20362-AA131 Shock Absorber SUBARU 20362-AA131 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
SUBARU 20362-AA210 Shock Absorber SUBARU 20362-AA210 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
SUBARU 20362-AA220 Shock Absorber SUBARU 20362-AA220 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
SUBARU 20362-AA231 Shock Absorber SUBARU 20362-AA231 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
GABRIEL G55930 Strut Assembly, Rear GABRIEL G55930 Strut Assembly, Rear Direct Details»
TRW JGM559 Shock Absorber TRW JGM559 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
KYB 334110 Suspension Strut Assembly KYB 334110 Suspension Strut Assembly Direct Details»
QUINTON HAZELL 178345 Shock Absorber QUINTON HAZELL 178345 Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
Magnum Technology AG7032MT Shock Absorber Magnum Technology AG7032MT Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
KAGER 81-1211 Shock Absorber KAGER 81-1211 Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
MONROE G16702 Shock Absorber MONROE G16702 Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
OPTIMAL A-3563GL Shock Absorber OPTIMAL A-3563GL Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
MONROE 16701 Shock Absorber MONROE 16701 Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
MONROE G16701 Shock Absorber MONROE G16701 Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
TRW JGM5598T Shock Absorber TRW JGM5598T Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
NIPPARTS J5527001G Shock Absorber NIPPARTS J5527001G Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
ASHUKI 1656-1007 Shock Absorber ASHUKI 1656-1007 Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
Magnum Technology AG7004MT Shock Absorber Magnum Technology AG7004MT Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
Magnum Technology AG7031MT Shock Absorber Magnum Technology AG7031MT Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
Application of OE 20362-AA201
Make Modle Engine CC KW cylinder Type Year
SUBARULIBERTY I1800 4WD1820764Saloon1989-1991
SUBARULIBERTY I2000 4WD1994854Saloon1991-1994
SUBARULIBERTY I2200 4WD22121004Saloon1989-1994
SUBARULEGACY1800 4WD1820764Estate1989-1994
SUBARULEGACY2000 4WD1994854Estate1991-1994
SUBARULEGACY2200 Super 4WD22121004Estate1989-1994
SUBARUIMPREZA1.6 i 4WD1597664Saloon1992-2000
SUBARUIMPREZA1.8 i 4WD1820764Saloon1992-2000
SUBARUIMPREZA1.6 i 4WD1597664Estate1992-2000
SUBARUIMPREZA1.8 i 4WD1820764Estate1992-2000
SUBARULEGACY Mk II2.0 i 4WD1994854Saloon1994-1999
SUBARULEGACY Mk II2.2 i 4WD2212944Saloon1994-1999
SUBARULEGACY Mk II2.0 i 4WD1994854Estate1994-1998
SUBARULEGACY Mk II2.2 i 4WD2212944Estate1994-1998
SUBARUIMPREZA2.0 4WD1994854Coupe1995-2000
SUBARUIMPREZA2.0 i 4WD1994854Saloon1995-2000
SUBARUIMPREZA1.6 4WD1597664Coupe1996-2000
SUBARUIMPREZA2.0 i 4WD1994924Saloon1998-2000
SUBARUIMPREZA1.6 i 4WD1597704Saloon1998-2000
SUBARUIMPREZA2.0 16V AWD1994924Estate1998-2000
SUBARUIMPREZA1.6 i 4WD1597704Estate1998-2000
SUBARUIMPREZA2.0 4WD1994854Estate1995-2000
SUBARUIMPREZA2.2 GX AWD2212964Saloon1998-2000
SUBARUIMPREZA2.2 GX AWD2212974Saloon1995-1998
SUBARUIMPREZA2.2 AWD2212964Coupe1998-2000
SUBARUIMPREZA2.2 AWD2212974Coupe1995-1998
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