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Part Number(s):FR890545
ProductName:Wheel Bearing Rep. kit
Cross Interchange Parts
Factory Number
SPIDAN 26634
OPTIMAL 801656
NK 752331
FAG 713 6900 90
IPD 30-9009
SCT Germany SCP 1324
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Interchange Parts for FLENNOR FR890545
Brand Sku Type Name Relevance  
SPIDAN 26634 Wheel Bearing Rep. kit SPIDAN 26634 Wheel Bearing Rep. kit Direct Details»
OPTIMAL 801656 Wheel Bearing Rep. kit OPTIMAL 801656 Wheel Bearing Rep. kit Direct Details»
NK 752331 Wheel Bearing Rep. kit NK 752331 Wheel Bearing Rep. kit Direct Details»
FAG 713 6900 90 Wheel Bearing Rep. kit FAG 713 6900 90 Wheel Bearing Rep. kit Direct Details»
IPD 30-9009 Wheel Bearing Rep. kit IPD 30-9009 Wheel Bearing Rep. kit Direct Details»
SCT Germany SCP 1324 Wheel Bearing Rep. kit SCT Germany SCP 1324 Wheel Bearing Rep. kit Direct Details»
AUTEX 810014 Wheel Bearing Rep. kit AUTEX 810014 Wheel Bearing Rep. kit Direct Details»
RUVILLE 7201 Wheel Bearing Rep. kit RUVILLE 7201 Wheel Bearing Rep. kit Direct Details»
QUINTON HAZELL QWB725 Wheel Bearing Rep. kit QUINTON HAZELL QWB725 Wheel Bearing Rep. kit Direct Details»
CORTECO 19017740 Wheel Bearing Rep. kit CORTECO 19017740 Wheel Bearing Rep. kit Direct Details»
PEX 16.0266 Wheel Bearing Rep. kit PEX 16.0266 Wheel Bearing Rep. kit Direct Details»
SNR R172.01 Wheel Bearing Rep. kit SNR R172.01 Wheel Bearing Rep. kit Direct Details»
TRISCAN 8530 70102 Wheel Bearing Rep. kit TRISCAN 8530 70102 Wheel Bearing Rep. kit Direct Details»
KAGER 83-0452 Wheel Bearing Rep. kit KAGER 83-0452 Wheel Bearing Rep. kit Direct Details»
DELPHI BK557 Wheel Bearing Rep. kit DELPHI BK557 Wheel Bearing Rep. kit Direct Details»
BREDA LORETT CR 2158 Wheel Bearing Rep. kit BREDA LORETT CR 2158 Wheel Bearing Rep. kit Direct Details»
LADA 2121-3103020-10 Wheel Bearing Rep. kit LADA 2121-3103020-10 Wheel Bearing Rep. kit Direct Details»
TIMKEN K 81850 Wheel Bearing Rep. kit TIMKEN K 81850 Wheel Bearing Rep. kit Direct Details»
SBS 1401752331 Wheel Bearing Rep. kit SBS 1401752331 Wheel Bearing Rep. kit Direct Details»
BOSAL 136-002 Wheel Bearing Rep. kit BOSAL 136-002 Wheel Bearing Rep. kit Direct Details»
AUGROS 5188802/2 Wheel Bearing Rep. kit AUGROS 5188802/2 Wheel Bearing Rep. kit Direct Details»
SPIDAN 0.026634 Wheel Bearing Rep. kit SPIDAN 0.026634 Wheel Bearing Rep. kit Direct Details»
INDELDIS KX 7 RL1503 Wheel Bearing Rep. kit INDELDIS KX 7 RL1503 Wheel Bearing Rep. kit Direct Details»
TIMKEN EK74236 Wheel Bearing Rep. kit TIMKEN EK74236 Wheel Bearing Rep. kit Direct Details»
SKF VKBA 1324 Wheel Bearing Kit SKF VKBA 1324 Wheel Bearing Kit Direct Details»
HK 90/09 Wheel Bearing Kit HK 90/09 Wheel Bearing Kit Direct Details»
KACO 5100.1 Wheel Bearing Kit KACO 5100.1 Wheel Bearing Kit Direct Details»
BREDA LORETT CR-2158 Wheel Bearing Kit BREDA LORETT CR-2158 Wheel Bearing Kit Direct Details»
DELPHI WBK 557 Wheel Bearing Kit DELPHI WBK 557 Wheel Bearing Kit Direct Details»
LADA 2121-3103020-11 Wheel Bearing Kit LADA 2121-3103020-11 Wheel Bearing Kit Direct Details»
LADA 2121-3103038 Crankshaft Seal LADA 2121-3103038 Crankshaft Seal Direct Details»
AL-KO K.656 Wheel Bearing Kit AL-KO K.656 Wheel Bearing Kit Direct Details»
DOYEN 801656 Wheel Bearing Kit DOYEN 801656 Wheel Bearing Kit Direct Details»
SNR R140.67 Wheel Bearing Kit SNR R140.67 Wheel Bearing Kit Direct Details»
KAWE FR890545 Wheel Bearing Kit KAWE FR890545 Wheel Bearing Kit Indirect Details»
A.B.S. 200084 Wheel Bearing Kit A.B.S. 200084 Wheel Bearing Kit Indirect Details»
BENDIX 050835B Wheel Bearing Kit BENDIX 050835B Wheel Bearing Kit Indirect Details»
sbs 1401752331 Wheel Bearing Kit sbs 1401752331 Wheel Bearing Kit Indirect Details»
LUCAS ENGINE DRIVE LKBA65005 Wheel Bearing Kit LUCAS ENGINE DRIVE LKBA65005 Wheel Bearing Kit Indirect Details»
Automotive Bearings ABK1016 Wheel Bearing Kit Automotive Bearings ABK1016 Wheel Bearing Kit Indirect Details»
SK SK11324 Wheel Bearing Kit SK SK11324 Wheel Bearing Kit Indirect Details»
BRT Bearings BRT1016 Wheel Bearing Kit BRT Bearings BRT1016 Wheel Bearing Kit Indirect Details»
FIRST LINE FBK 465 Wheel Bearing Kit FIRST LINE FBK 465 Wheel Bearing Kit Indirect Details»
RPK RPK11324 Wheel Bearing Kit RPK RPK11324 Wheel Bearing Kit Indirect Details»
IRB K-18/50 Wheel Bearing Kit IRB K-18/50 Wheel Bearing Kit Indirect Details»
MGA KR3287 Wheel Bearing Kit MGA KR3287 Wheel Bearing Kit Indirect Details»
TIMKEN 74236 Wheel Bearing Kit TIMKEN 74236 Wheel Bearing Kit Indirect Details»
QUINTON HAZELL BK10725 Wheel Bearing Kit QUINTON HAZELL BK10725 Wheel Bearing Kit Indirect Details»
DELTA AWB274 Wheel Bearing Kit DELTA AWB274 Wheel Bearing Kit Indirect Details»
LuK 7136900900 Wheel Bearing Kit LuK 7136900900 Wheel Bearing Kit Indirect Details»
Application of FLENNOR FR890545
Make Modle Engine CC KW cylinder Type Year
LADANIVA16001569564Closed Off-Road Vehicle1980-1987
LADANIVA16001569544Closed Off-Road Vehicle1987-1995
LADANIVA16001570564Closed Off-Road Vehicle1976-1987
LADANIVA1700 i1690594Closed Off-Road Vehicle1996-2014
LADANIVA1900 Diesel1905474Closed Off-Road Vehicle1993-2014
LADANIVA1700 i 4x41690604Closed Off-Road Vehicle2000-2014
LADANIVA1900 Diesel1905554Closed Off-Road Vehicle1999-2014
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